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Refreshing beverages using selection of natural ingredients and flavors that „MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER™“. Perfect complement to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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74 Bioactive Water

74 Bioactive

Is the real power water - a clean spring water enhanced just with a complex of 74 high bioavailable minerals and trace elements from organic source needed for every chemical reaction in our body.


There are thousands of chemical reactions constantly happening within our bodies every millisecond. The fuel required for these to take action includes essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other important micronutrients that we obtain from our everyday diet.

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Bançaí vitalizing drink

vitalizing drink

Premium Functional Beverages

BANÇAÍ ® beverages are based on spring mountain water from Austrian Alps, selected superfruit juices and made with selected high-quality natural ingredient combinations fulfilling highest standards for healthy life style.

Ideal beverage for a healthy lifestyle – without any compromise. Low caloric and non-alcoholic refreshing drink, sweetened only with STEVIA.

They contain unique βG ACTIVE IMMUNE COMPLEXTM - containing Superfruits with the power of βetaGLUCAN, Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins - which activates and strengthens the body ́s natural defense mechanism in synergy with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for daily nutrition and bring harmony and balance into your life.

Developed and tested by a team of pharmacists, physicians and biochemists for optimal results, they work with the body and all of them complement each other. Can be consumed every day.

are formulated to help you to fulfill desires we all have:

  • To be vigorous and youthful
  • To be healthy

  • To be attractive
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exceptional multifunctional nutritional supplement in the form of syrup which acts collectively on key organs of the body - it has a positive effect on the intesti-nal tract, as it produces up to 75 % of immu-nity. It also acts on the liver, spleen, gallblad-der and pancreas at the same time. Each shot contains fibre, ginger, vitamin D3, and betaGLUCANTM to strengthen and activate the immune system as well as milk thistle, dandelion root and vitamins B and C. It has a low glycaemic index and is therefore of benefit for diabetics.

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Health is what
really matters

When I decided to create our first drink - a drink that would help metabolize alcohol better, my choice was clear. I wanted to bring people higher added value - higher quality than all common drinks. Quality is not known by the names of large corporations or their long history, as they have deviated from honest craft. They use inexpensive ingredients, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and stabilizers to maximize profits for their shareholders. I was looking for our own path - often thorny but honest. It wasn't just a mindless drink, he had his soul. It should not only quench thirst, but also bring health and experience of great and unique taste. Healthy, however, may not taste bad.

I was very lucky - surrounded by and influenced by pharmacists, doctors, biochemists, and healers of Chinese traditional medicine and ayurveda, they shaped my approach to life. I was inspired by perhaps the oldest book on Earth, I-Ching, Book of Changes, more than 6000 years old. He explains that everywhere around us, as in ourselves, there must be a balance - between the energies of Yin & Yang, light & dark, in every aspect of life.

I have consistently tried to transform this old philosophy into our drinks. Selection of high-quality raw materials that interact harmoniously on the biochemical level, or using high-quality spring mountain water. Above all, I avoided conventional raw materials, sweeteners, dyes and preservatives. As has been shown by many scientific studies, food can heal. They can create balance in the body. Therefore, I wish you:


about us


Our choice of high-quality ingredients, including extracts of rare herbs and superfruit juices especially formulated for each beverage, work together to nourish the body.


All of our beverages are easily digested, naturally low in calories, based on safe and natural ingredients, oriented towards good health and attaining balance in life.


We select ingredients found in nature such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains , that have been used for generations to heal the body, soothe the mind and spirit. Our beverages offer a delicious natural taste that synthetic and artificial ingredients cannot fully reproduce.


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