Scientists working for the FBI have confirmed it works.

Did you already know that you would expand to foreign markets?

“From the beginning, we thought globally; this product was universal and had a chance to flourish on every continent. International markets are…

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When is it best to have Body Fat Killer?

Many of us do not have time to eat throughout the day, so when we return home in the evening we tend to binge on anything our eyes see. Try having a Body Fat Killer before your next big meal.Not only does it help keep your blood glucose levels low, but it can also help curb your…

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Body ready for swimsuit?

Start weight loss and cleansing with a natural, functional drink

In today’s day and age, detoxification is often associated with a healthy lifestyle. How can Body Fat Killer help with such a diet?


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After entering the gastrointestinal tract, alcohol is quickly absorbed into the blood circulation and transferred into each cell of the body. 90% is metabolized in the liver – alcohol molecules are metabolized by several enzymes, especially alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH), aldehyde…

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